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Using the right tools is half the job. I recommend the following tools based on personal experience.

Task management

Trello is a project management system that just works. It is both easy to get and easy to use. Trello is often ideal to use in smaller projects, whether you work alone or in a group.

Content creation

Adobe Creative Cloud
I really like Adobe’s cloud-based approach to software. For a monthly fee, you can conveniently subscribe to one or more of the company’s famous apps, such as Photoshop.

A good app for taking notes and for syncing those notes across different devices and platforms.

A mind mapping application that also can sync one’s mind maps across different devices.


Using Buffer, you can schedule when your tweets should be published on Twitter. This makes it easier to consistently publish content.

A great service for creating, sending and managing e-mail newsletters. It has a gorgeous and friendly interface and a generous free plan.


This app helps you keep track of your passwords. Basically, you remember one password and that the app remembers the rest. This app makes it easy to use strong and unique passwords for different accounts.