Thoughts on productivity,
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This is the personal web site of David Woxberg. I’m a Swedish IT professional with a background in journalism.

I want to use this web site to share my knowledge and ideas about productivity, communication and technology.

Technical stuff

This website is based on HTML5 and CSS3. These tools are also used:

  • The javascript frameworks jQuery.

Graphics attributions

  • The RSS icon in the sidebar comes from Feed Icons.
  • The Facebook “f” logo next to the “Share:” text comes from Facebook.
  • The LinkedIn logo in the sidebar comes from LinkedIn.
  • The Twitter logo in the sidebar comes from Twitter.
  • The Twitter bird next to the “Share:” text comes from Twitter.
  • The HTML5 logo comes from W3C.

Content disclaimer

The content posted on this web site is only intended for informational purposes. Nothing on this web site is intended to be legal advice.

The views I express on this web site are my own and I do not claim to speak for anyone else. The views I express here are not necessarily shared by any other person or organization that I may be associated with.