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Learning vs doing

September 13, 2012  

I read a lot about current events in the IT business and I and love to learn about new tools.

But one thing I’ve realized is that it is important to put my foot down from time to time and actually use the information.

Every action you take has an opportunity cost. For example, the time spent learning something could be spent doing something.

Taking action is a good way to test if something actually works in reality. For example: You might read about a cool new web design technique, but unless you try it out then it’s hard to actually know:

a) if it works for you
b) if it works well
c) if it is something that could actually benefit you

And so on.

We can learn a lot by studying, but we can only test the things we learn by taking action.

Learning is a personal investment — and a very important one — but it is important to remember that taking action is what ultimately moves us forward.

Learning is fun and can be relatively easy. Taking action requires more effort and can be quite hard. But the benefits of taking action and moving toward one’s goals can often make the effort worthwhile.