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Avoiding the “OMG I pressed the back button and my text disappeared!” problem

August 13, 2012  

Perhaps you have experienced this situation:

You’re on a web page and you have written something in a text box. Then, for some reason, you accidentally hit the back button. Or maybe you accidentally closed the web browser. And just like that, all the text you wrote is gone.

If you need to write and submit a longer piece of text in a web browser, it is often wise to first write and save the text outside of the web browser. You could, for example, write the text in a word processor (such as Pages or Word), save the document, and then — after it has been completed and saved on the computer — open up the browser and paste the text.

If you’re a blogger, it might be convenient to use a blog editor such as MarsEdit for the Mac to write the post before sending it to the blog.

By writing and saving the text beforehand, you have a backup in case something goes wrong when you’re in the browser.