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How to simplify social media management

August 12, 2012  

Using more than one social media platform can be challenging because each platform is unique. It takes some time to switch back and forth between different websites and/or apps on a regular basis.

One way to make this easier and simpler is to use a third-party service such as HootSuite.

HootSuite can be described as a dashboard / control panel for social media accounts. It lets you manage multiple social media accounts from a single website.

One place for reading and writing

Let’s say that you would like to post a unique message to Twitter and LinkedIn. Without a third-party service such as HootSuite, you would need to manually go to each website before posting.

By using HootSuite, you can post to Twitter and to LinkedIn without actually visiting Twitter and LinkedIn. In HootSuite, you select which platforms you want to post to, write the message and press a button to send the message.

Another good thing about HootSuite is that it is easy to get a good overview of the activity on different social networks. You can create tabs and include streams from one or multiple social networks in those tabs. The streams in a tab show up as columns on the screen.

Since a social media dashboard / control panel can simplify and save time I think it’s a good idea to consider using one. This post focused on HootSuite, but there are other similar services as well, such as¬†TweetDeck.