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5 great tech-related podcasts

August 8, 2012  

Listening to podcasts can be both educating and fun. These five podcasts are great if you want to learn more about technology.

Smart Passive Income Podcast
If you’re interested in learning more about ways to create passive income online, I think this is a great resource. This podcast covers topics such as monetization, affiliate marketing and blogging. The host Pat Flynn is a humble guy who explains things well and who gives a lot of practical and concrete tips.

Click Millionaires Lifestyle Entrepreneur Success Show
This is another show that is great to listen to if you are interested in online business. The host Scott Fox is good at explaining things, he interviews interesting people, answers questions and talks about topics such as newsletters, social media and blogging.

Mac Power users
This show is a great fit for someone who wants to get more out of their Apple technology. David Sparks and Katie Floyd go through topics such as backup, security and networking in a way that is easy to understand. They also interview guests about their workflows. This show is really a gold mine of knowledge.

Build and Analyze
If you are an iOS developer, or thinking about becoming one, then Build and Analyze is almost required listening. Marco Arment, who has developed the successful app Instapaper, talks about his experiences and weighs in on a range of developer-relatex issues. The show is also hosted by Dan Benjamin, who runs the podcast network 5by5.

John Siracusa is a well-known person in the Apple community. He has written long and amazing reviews of Mac operating systems (check out his review of OS X Mountain Lion here). On Hypercritical, John talks about tech issues ranging from software patents to game controllers. This show delivers insightful criticism and analysis of current tech-related issues. Hypercritical is also hosted by Dan Benjamin.