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Four apps that handle syncing well

June 7, 2012  

As smartphones and tablets become more popular it becomes increasingly important that apps are available and work well across different devices.

An app that is used to create and manage content should, ideally, be available on the computer, on the smartphone and on the tablet. That way, the user can use and benefit from the app in different situations.

The computer may be most effective to use in the office while the tablet could be more convenient to use at a meeting. And while on the go, it’s hard to beat the smartphone.

Since different devices may be used in different situations, the content of an app should automatically be made available on the computer, the tablet and the smartphone.

This can be achieve by means of syncing content across devices.

Syncing is not available in all apps, but there are some apps that in my opinion handle syncing well. Here are four of those:

    • Dropbox
      Dropbox lets you sync files across devices. This means, for example, that it’s possible to download a file to a smartphone and then open the file on a computer without manually transferring the file yourself. Dropbox is available for a number of different platforms.
    • Evernote
      As the name implies, Evernote is a note-taking application. Since Evernote syncs the notes across devices, one can start making a note on a computer and then continue writing on the same note by using a smartphone or a tablet. Like Dropbox, Evernote is available for a number of different platforms.
    • OmniFocus
      This is a very powerful task manager which fits well with David Allen’s method Getting Things Done. By using the Omni Sync Server (which is free), the to-do-lists can be synced across the Mac, the iPhone and the iPad.
    • MindMeisterI think that mind mapping is a great way to visualize one’s thinking. MindMeister makes it possible to create maps by using a web browser, a smartphone (such as the iPhone) or a tablet (such as the iPad). MindMeister also syncs the mind maps across devices.