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How RSS can save time

May 17, 2012  

One way to access articles on the Internet is to surf to the web sites where the articles are published. This can be time-consuming, but thankfully there is a faster and more convenient way.

Thanks to RSS technology, it is possible to access content such as articles and blog posts without using a web browser.

RSS content is made available in feeds that are updated as new content is published on a web site. A lot of web sites offer such feeds. The feeds can contain full articles or shorter versions.

RSS Readers can be used in order to subscribe to and read RSS feeds.

I use the service Google Reader (which handles my RSS subscriptions), together with the application Reeder, in which I read the RSS content.

I like Reeder because it looks good and works well. It’s also convenient that the app is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

If you want to learn more about RSS, then you might be interested in Wikipedia’s article on the subject.